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FAQs about Grandview Park Cemetery and Memorial Property
Is Grandview Park Cemetery full?
No. Due to careful stewardship and an increase in the rate of cremation, we have space available for at least 100 years, and beyond.

When are visiting hours?
Grandview Park Cemetery welcomes visitors from dawn until dusk. Please note the following visiting etiquette:

  • Please respect the privacy of people who are attending funerals or visiting family graves.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • Loitering is not allowed.
  • Many times you must walk over other graves to visit a loved one’s grave. It is acceptable to do so, but please watch your step around gravestones, lawn vases, and flowers.
  • Children under 16 years of age should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please do not allow children to play or climb on monuments.
  • Sledding and skiing are not allowed on cemetery property.
  • Picnicking is acceptable but visitors are asked to utilize trash receptacles throughout the cemetery.
  • Visitors are asked to clean up after their pets.

Can anyone purchase property at Grandview Park Cemetery?
Yes. We are a nonprofit cemetery that serves all people regardless of race, religion or financial standing.

What are my memorial property choices?
Grandview Park Cemetery offers traditional burial or cremation only sections.  We offer individual lots, double lots, and family lots with several graves.

How much do graves cost?
Within the cemetery, grave prices can vary by the section in which the grave is located. Full size graves start at $950.  Please see the price list for more details.

Can multiple family members be buried in the same grave space?
Yes, we do not charge a second rite of interment fee which means the burial cost is the same for additional burials on one grave space.  This includes traditional as well as cremation burials.

What are burial vaults and grave liners?
A vault is an outside container into which a casket is placed. Vaults help prevent the ground from collapsing around a grave. Burial vaults are designed to protect the casket and may be made of a variety or combination of materials including concrete, plastic or fiberglass. A grave line is a lightweight version of a vault.

Why do I have to use a vault? Is it required by law?
Minnesota State law does not require a vault or outer burial container. However, Grandview Park Cemetery (as do most cemeteries) does require an outer burial container or vault to prevent the ground from collapsing around a grave.  This gives the ground above an even appearance and helps reduce the chance of someone tripping on sunken ground.

Do you sell vaults?
Yes. Burial vaults are available for purchase at Grandview Park Cemetery. Please see the price list for options.

Do you accommodate weekend burials?
Yes, we charge an additional $250 for Saturday or weekday “after hours” interments (services not concluded by 4pm). Sunday burials add an additional $300.00 (There are no interments on major holidays.)

How much are markers?
The price of a personalized marker depends on the marker you choose. There are several designs and materials to choose from. Please contact us at (952) 938-1135 for options and specific prices. The average granite grave marker with your choice of color, all engraving, installation and applicable taxes costs around $900.00 at current pricing. (Jan 2020)

Do you work with a particular funeral home?
We work with any funeral home, local or out of town.

Can we purchase a family monument for our lot?
We allow above ground monuments if a family owns four or more consecutive grave spaces in Parks A or B at Grandview Park Cemetery. Only markers that are flush with the ground are allowed in Parks F and G or in situations where less than for consecutive graves are owned by a single family anywhere in the cemetery.

Are there any maintenance fees or other costs for the upkeep of graves?
No, we are a perpetual care cemetery which simply means that 20% of the price of each grave sold goes into a trust fund which will maintain our facility into perpetuity.  Grave markers are raised on a rotational basis or upon request for special cases at no charge to the family.

How do I get flowers or wreaths on a loved one’s grave?
Please call (952) 938-1135 to place an order.
Flower Urns:  We place live growing flowering urns in our stands (or yours*) the week before Memorial Day. The flowering urns are displayed until the beginning of October. (2019 price - $50) Please call 952-938-1135 for current pricing
Winter Wreathes:  Natural evergreen wreaths are put out in late November and remain until March. Wreaths are mounted on elevated stands. (2019 - $30) Please call 952-938-1135 for current pricing.
The current rate for flower urns and/or wreathes may be locked for future years by paying for these services in advance.
Only fresh cut flowers and potted plants may be placed on a grave in an elevated stand from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Wreaths may be attached elevated stands during the winter months. Elevated stands are available for purchase. *All stands not purchased from Grandview Park Cemetery must be approved by cemetery staff and cannot be permanently installed. 

Payment of Services
All burial expenses, including grave spaces, vaults, interments and grave markers have one year, interest free financing. We can offer flexible terms to ease the stress at the time of a loss.  We do not accept credit or debit cards at this time. We accept cash, checks or money orders.

Contact Us

Grandview Park Cemetery Staff are available to assist you Monday through Friday,
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  

(952) 938-1135
(Telephone calls are forwarded to staff after hours.)

6901 Maloney Ave
Hopkins, MN 55343